Prerequisites for Renting

2909 Kansas Avenue • Kenner, Louisiana 70065


Before a showing of the property, please make sure you can provide proof of the following:

  1. A recent bank statement indicating that you have $2,800 available ($1,400 rent & $1,400 security deposit);

  2. A pay stub from your employer indicating how much you make per month and whether you are paid weekly, biweekly or monthly;

  3. Social Security Number for a background check;

  4. The owner prefers to rent to tenants who are able to pay rent on the first business day of the month;

  5. A current employer's name, address, phone number and supervisor name;

  6. The name, address and telephone number of the owner of the last apartment in which you resided.

Each adult occupying the property is considered liable for paying rent on the rent "due date."  One may be designated as the "Main Rent Payer," with the others equally liable as "Secondary Rent Payers"  If the "Main Rent Payer" is not available (has moved, died, etc.) then the responsibility of timely rent payments will fall on the "Secondary Rent Payers" residing on the property.  All potential rent payers must sign the lease agreement.

Prospective tenants are expected to abide to Jefferson Parish curfew laws and to not make noise which can disturb other tenants and neighbors.  Police intervention due to noise or other reasons may result in the Lessor instigating the Kenner, Louisiana eviction process.

The use, storage or sale of illegal narcotics (ones without prescriptions) will not be tolerated on the premises and will be grounds for immediate eviction.  The premises are a DRUG FREE ENVIRONMENT.

The owner retains the right to disallow the tenants' friends or acquaintances access to the premises if the friends or acquaintances are deemed to be threats or annoyances to the other tenants or neighbors.  If a friend or acquaintance is deemed inappropriate by the owner they will be deemed to be trespassing.

The above requirements can be summed up as follows: Pay rent on-time, no drugs, obey curfew laws, no loud music or other noise that may affect others, and no trespassing.

If the information above is acceptable to you and you would like to schedule a showing, please send an email to this address: