Thank you for accessing the Website for the apartments located at 2909 Kansas Avenue, Kenner, Louisiana 70065.

(This Website is best-viewed on a computer or tablet.  Telephones may make the Website hard to navigate.)

My name is Martin Muller and I have owned this property since May of 2015.

Providing a secure area in which residents can dwell safely is my primary concern.  As such, I have installed a security gate, motion-detection lights and cameras, and dusk-to-dawn lighting.

I am trying to make the property as nice as possible, which includes exterior work (i.e., new gutters were installed in October of 2017, heat reducing "whirlybirds" were installed on the roof of the building, etc.) and installing superior appliances than were in the apartments when I brought the property. 

As the property owner it is my responsibility to provide a safe environment for my tenants and to provide as nice a living area in each apartment as possible.  Problems may be reported 24-hours a day, and if I am unable to fix them I have very reliable contractors, plumbers, electricians and appliance experts who can.  If circumstances occur which hinder comfortable living in the units (a broken air-conditioner or refrigerator, as examples), I will pay the cost for temporary relocations or replacements. 

Due to the Kenner Housing Authority's rule that monthly rent payments may not exceed the amount of the Section Eight rent voucher, Section Eight applications are not being accepted.


Only serious applicants will be considered as prospective tenants.  As such, prospective tenants must meet the following conditions:

1. Provide $3,000 upon moving into the apartment.  This includes the security deposit of $1,500 and the first month's rent of $1,500.
2. Pay monthly rent payments on the due date determined for your lease (or the next business day if the due date falls on a weekend or a holiday).
3. Agree to put the utilities (electricity and water) in your name within one week of occupying the apartment.

Provide a social security number and a valid driver's license or state identification card for the purpose of a background credit check.

5. Provide proof of income adequate to afford the apartment.  (This generally entails a copy of a bank statement with personal information such as account numbers redacted.)
6. Provide contact information for current employer(s) to verify income.
7. Provide contact information from former landlords.

If you like the apartment and can answer yes to the seven questions above, please fill out the application by clicking here: Rental Application

This application may be downloaded in Microsoft Word.  Prospective tenants should then be able to fill it out (one may have to click “Enable Editing” or the like) and return it to  Or, you may drop it off in the “INFO BOX” located near the back of the property where the storage sheds are located. 

If you have a problem resending this application, please call Martin Muller at (504) 305-1824 or (504) 330-7090.